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Teaching, Consulting, & Freelance

The story of my professional life so far: I’ve been in the right place at the right time with the right skills. For this I am grateful.

I am unusually positioned as a rigorously trained minister, teacher/coach, writer/editor, and technology developer. With that background, my leadership and research experience in the organization leading the conversation on ministry practice in the digital world have made me an expert and thought leader in the following areas:

  • digital literacies for twenty-first century ministry leadership;
  • use of educational and social media in religious education and faith formation;
  • communication planning and implementation for churches, judicatories, and religious nonprofits; and
  • practical theology of new media and society.

I am available for hire as a workshop leader, coach/consultant, content creator, researcher, and instructor. View my full resumé/CV.

If you or your organization is interested in working with me in any of these capacities, please reach out at for (negotiable) rates and more information.

As a workshop leader, I have presented on areas of my expertise at conferences and training events in at least eleven U.S. states and three countries. Popular workshops include

  • Hybrid Faith Formation
  • Spiritual Resources Online
  • Integrated Communications Planning
  • Theological Foundations of Digital Ministry
  • Digital Storytelling as Faith Formation
  • Church Website (Re)Designs
  • Blogging for Spiritual Leadership
  • Podcast Curation and Production

(Links to individual workshop recordings and resources are available here.)

As a coach, consultant, and board member, I have worked with the following organizations:

As a content creator, I have contributed to numerous resource and research publications, including

I have also been primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of the following media projects:

(Links to individual chapters and articles are available here.)

As a researcher, I have received $168,000 in grants and fellowships (individual recipient or core team member) to support projects in theological education (higher ed), religious education (church-based), engineering education, and energy security and sustainability. My work has appeared at/in the following juried conferences and publications:

(Links to individual articles and presentations are available here.)

As an instructor, I have developed and taught/co-taught the following courses:

  • Digital Media for Ministry – Offered at Virginia Theological Seminary January 2017 (with Stacy Williams-Duncan), January 2016, and January 2015 (with Lisa Kimball). Available to teach in multiple in-person and hybrid formats.
  • 21st-Century Faith Formation: New Meanings, New Models, New Media – Syllabus created and reviewed. Available to teach in multiple in-person and hybrid formats.
  • Social and Ethical Impacts of Technology – Offered at University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering Spring 2006 (with faculty team) and Spring 2005 (with Laura Grossenbacher).

I have also served as course TA or guest lecturer (GL) for the following courses:

  • Culture, Media, and Education (TA, Teachers College, Fall 2017)
  • Senior Integrative Seminar (GL, General Theological Seminary, Spring 2017)
  • Human Growth and Development (GL, Virginia Theological Seminary, Spring 2015)
  • Introduction to Old Testament (GL, Virginia Theological Seminary, Fall 2014)
  • Introduction to Christian Ethics (TA, Virginia Theological Seminary, Spring 2012)
  • Introduction to Engineering Writing (TA, UW-Madison College of Engineering Pipelines Program, Summer 2005 & 2006)