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Teaching, Consulting, & Freelance

The story of my professional life so far: I’ve been in the right place at the right time with the right skills. For this I am grateful.

I am unusually positioned as a rigorously trained minister, teacher/coach, writer/editor, and technology developer. With that background, my leadership and research experience in the organization leading the conversation on ministry practice in the digital world have made me a leading expert in the following areas:

  • digital literacies for twenty-first century ministry leadership;
  • use of educational and social media in religious education and faith formation;
  • communication planning and implementation for churches, judicatories, and religious nonprofits; and
  • practical theology of new media and society.

I am available for hire as a workshop leader, coach/consultant, content creator, researcher, and instructor. View my full resumé/CV.

If you or your organization is interested in working with me in any of these capacities, please reach out at for (negotiable) rates and more information.

As a workshop leader, I have presented on areas of my expertise at conferences and training events in at least eleven U.S. states and three countries. Popular workshops include

  • Hybrid Faith Formation
  • Spiritual Resources Online
  • Integrated Communications Planning
  • Theological Foundations of Digital Ministry
  • Digital Storytelling as Faith Formation
  • Church Website (Re)Designs
  • Blogging for Spiritual Leadership
  • Podcast Curation and Production

(Links to individual workshop recordings and resources are available here.)

As a coach, consultant, and board member, I have worked with the following organizations:

As a content creator, I have contributed to numerous resource and research publications, including

I have also been primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of the following media projects:

(Links to individual chapters and articles are available here.)

As a researcher, I have received $168,000 in grants and fellowships (individual recipient or core team member) to support projects in theological education (higher ed), religious education (church-based), engineering education, and energy security and sustainability. My work has appeared at/in the following juried conferences and publications:

(Links to individual articles and presentations are available here.)

As an instructor, I have developed and taught/co-taught the following courses:

  • Digital Media for Ministry – Offered at Virginia Theological Seminary January 2017 (with Stacy Williams-Duncan), January 2016, and January 2015 (with Lisa Kimball). Available to teach in multiple in-person and hybrid formats.
  • 21st-Century Faith Formation: New Meanings, New Models, New Media – Syllabus created and reviewed. Available to teach in multiple in-person and hybrid formats.
  • Social and Ethical Impacts of Technology – Offered at University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering Spring 2006 (with faculty team) and Spring 2005 (with Laura Grossenbacher).

I have also served as course TA or guest lecturer (GL) for the following courses:

  • Culture, Media, and Education (TA, Teachers College, Fall 2017)
  • Senior Integrative Seminar (GL, General Theological Seminary, Spring 2017)
  • Human Growth and Development (GL, Virginia Theological Seminary, Spring 2015)
  • Introduction to Old Testament (GL, Virginia Theological Seminary, Fall 2014)
  • Introduction to Christian Ethics (TA, Virginia Theological Seminary, Spring 2012)
  • Introduction to Engineering Writing (TA, UW-Madison College of Engineering Pipelines Program, Summer 2005 & 2006)